Tuesday 12 May 2015

Stigma Fighters


Just a tiny update. I was approached (via Twitter) a few weeks ago by the lovely and inspiring Sarah Fader (@osnsmom) founder of Stigma Fighters, and asked to write an essay for them. I was delighted and, of course, said yes right away.

And then I wrote it and rewrote it and changed it and perfected it and submitted it late and... here it is:
Eve Ventures (Me!)

It's partially my story of OCD and partially a piece which explains OCD in more detail for people who don't know about it, in 1000 words (and then some).

Stigma Fighters is a fantastic not for profit organisation, which offers a platform for people to tell their stories of mental illness. It's really worth a look! There are hundreds of humbling, raw, beautiful and honest stories on there. It's great to be one of them.

Much love.

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  1. Such a brilliantly-worded, honest essay. I can definitely relate, and I'm so glad you found CBT helpful (my therapist is pretty awesome too) and that you're in a happier place these days.

    Sending massive hugs <3